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Role Play: Speaker/Guest

Today we are diving into another role play series with our Speaker/Guest kit. This role play kit is designed to support safe and healthy role play centered around consent and mutual satisfaction. Doing things to […]

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STD/STI Index Introduction

This weeks course will be an introduction to a new series called the STD/STI index. We will cover every sexually transmitted illness known to man, its symptoms and its treatment options. STD’s are no longer […]

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Benefits of the Orgasm

Although orgasms are fantastic, not everyone is enjoying the benefits. The orgasm gap is a real thing and the results are astounding. Only 6% of women claim to orgasm every time during intercourse, compared to […]

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Hypertension and Sexual Dysfunction

Hypertension and Sexual Dysfunction in African Americans I recently completed some research on sexual dysfunction in relation to hypertension and anti-hypertensive medication.Β More research is needed to definitively pinpoint the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in relation […]

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Period Tracking for Beginners

Todays course will be a beginners guide to period tracking. More people are opting out of hormonal birth control due to the negative effects on the body, and its effects on the ability to get […]

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Period Sex: The Lowdown

This class is going to give you the lowdown on the culturally taboo subject of period sex. I know there are stigmas surrounding engaging in intercourse during menstruation, but a coochie spends an average of […]

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Life Hacks

Life Hacks: Dating Profile Setup

Todays class is an addition to our Life Hacks series covering how to setup a dating profile. As online dating becomes more popular, it also gets increasingly… weirder. This guide will get you on the […]

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