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5th Annual Halloween Showcase

5th Annual Halloween Art Showcase and Costume Party Welcome to this years 5th Annual Halloween Art Showcase and Costume Party! If you missed last year, you wont want to miss this one. This event is […]

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Free Courses / Why Does It Hurt?

WDIH: Vaginal Dryness

This addition to our WDIH (Why Does It Hurt) series is all about vaginal dryness. There are a host of reasons you could be experiencing dryness during sex. This class will give you some common […]

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The Importance of Self Care.

Self Care. The concept of self care isn’t built into Black American DNA, so today I want to stress itโ€™s importance. Self care is a luxury for those who still fight to be alive in […]

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Headhunters Guide Walkthrough

This class is a walkthrough on my first book, Headhunters Guide: 5 Tricks You Can Add To Your Bag Today. If you missed the workshop, here’s your chance to catch up. This video covers the […]

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