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100th Class Celebration!

It’s a celebration 🥳

This week’s course is a celebration of teaching my 100th online class! So many hours of research, developing, scripting, editing, and marketing go into these classes, and I can’t believe we are at 100! Thank you to everyone who has submitted stories, shared private details of their lives in search of help, invited me on their platform, and anyone who supports me in any way. I am so grateful to do what I do, and I do that because of you. I appreciate all the referrals (even though yall think I do everything, lol) sent to me over the years because they helped me expand my market. Most folk don’t even know educators like me exist, but with you guys on my team, I will soon be where I want to be.

A gift

In celebration of 100 courses, I have opened up all the courses FOR FREE! This is an opportunity to peruse around and see if my teaching style is a fit for you. Classes will remain unlocked until this Sunday, which should give my busy bees time to check-in. Even if you aren’t looking for long-term learning options, learn as much as possible for free while it lasts. I make these courses for learning, and I encourage you to absorb as much as possible. 

There are over 150 entries on the website, so feel free to review the videos and blogs. I am in the process of updating some of the older posts, but they are still valuable, so check those out too. 

A word

Keep Going. As I was unlocking each of these classes, I noticed errors, double spaces, wrong vid loaded, and all that. I laughed because I’ve been actively practicing giving myself grace. I am a one-person show, and sometimes that show moves faster than the itinerary, lol. IDC. Even when I am imperfect, I am still in motion, still learning, and still growing. I could have been discouraged by my f-ups at any time, but I genuinely do not care. I know I am doing my best. Could it be better, yes…and it will when I have the capacity for that, but until then, I must keep going. 

I never expected to get to 100 video classes; I just kept making classes. If you just let your desires guide you and work on the things you can, you can’t help but grow. I saw so much growth between my older classes and the newer vids, and I have even more planned for the future. If I can encourage you to do anything, I want to encourage you to keep going. I believe in you!

Remember. You will have until this Sunday to grow your sexual health for free! Don’t miss this unique opportunity (because yall know I like my coin, lol) and tell a friend! #ShareSexualHealth

Looking for a place to start? This class had some gems lolol https://expressionoverrepression.com/contraceptives-condom-tutorial/

If you appreciate this learning style and want to register to join out growing video library, click here 👉🏿https://expressionoverrepression.com/register/



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