Deep Erogenous Zones: A-Spot

A-Spot The A-Spot is the first of the Deep Erogenous Zones we will cover on our journey of the vagina. A Deep Erogenous Zone is an area deep in your vagina that is innervated. Specific […]

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Deep Erogenous Zones: Overview

More Orgasms You Say?👀 This is going to be a high overview of our Deep Erogenous Zones Series. Deep Erogenous Zones are areas deep in the vagina that when coerced, can trigger an orgasmic response […]

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BDSM Series: Submission

The next adventure in our BDSM series is Submission. A BDSM submission relationship is much more common, and much more complicated than you think. Make sure you keep an open mind and listen to your […]

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What’s Your Sexual Orientation?

Sexuality is a Scale. We are discussing sexual orientation and identity, not gender; before the Crips stop reading lol. Gender = how YOU identify with your innermost self Sexual Orientation = how you are attracted to […]

Are You Real A Kink?

Well, are you? You may consider yourself a real kink because you lick toes, or sleep in the wet spot, but are you really? I’m going to need more convincing. Being kinky requires a open-mindedness […]

Launch Date

It’s Here!! We have finally reached our launch date! On March 16th, 2021 I will share with you the baby that has kept me up countless hours. I fed this baby little pieces of my […]

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Parts of the Penis: Internal

Today we are looking at the internal parts of the penis. This will be a close up look inside the male body as we study the internal reproductive organs of the penis. Follow along as […]

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BDSM Series: Bondage

The first trip into our BDSM series is bondage. I hope you have your good luggage lol.  Tune in to see how to facilitate a successful BDSM Bondage scene. Make sure you check out the […]

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Life Hacks: Introduction

This video is an introduction to our Life Hacks series. Inside you will find a host of videos, not all related to sex, tucked away for anyone who needs them. I realized early on that […]

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