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28 Days of Self Love

28 Day Sexy Self Care Journal

Can you give yourself 28 straight days of self love? This year, I challenge you to be the love you are looking for. Let’s take this next 28 days and pour into our sexual energy. I have created a self care journal, with a new sexy task everyday, to remind you that you are a sexual being. Each task is to be completed daily, regardless of circumstances. Show up for yourself every single day. Energy does not die. It exists all around us. Let’s spend this next month harnessing some of that energy and converting it to sexual energy. If you cannot commit to loving yourself for 28 days, then you cannot expect that commitment from others. It’s a good time to drop ya’lls favorite word, consistency. Have you been seeking consistency? Have you given any to yourself? 🙃

Nurture Your Energy

If you spend next month being sad, you will have wasted another year creating the energy. You can pour into your sexual energy instead. This year, feed your sexual soul. Re-ignite your own damn fire. There is power in showing up for yourself. 28 days of self love is a really good start.

This journal is also perfectly aligned with the menstrual cycle. Start on day 1 of your cycle, and love on yourself for the next 28 days. Check your Journal first thing in the morning, complete your sexy self care task, and return to your journal at the end of the day to write down how the day made you feel.

There’s only a few days left to grab it on Amazon Prime before the first of the month! Let’s all start together! Grab a copy for a friend too! Starting a new journey is always better with an accountability partner, and we could all use some extra sexual energy.

It’s a small investment for a big reward. See you Feb 1st teammates! 😜😘


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