5th Annual Halloween Showcase
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5th Annual Halloween Showcase

5th Annual Halloween Art Showcase and Costume Party

Welcome to this years 5th Annual Halloween Art Showcase and Costume Party! If you missed last year, you wont want to miss this one. This event is a safe space for regular people to explore new kinks. Our halloween event is a neutral space where you can be inquisitive about erotic art and machinery without being judged. This is not a sex party lol. You likely wouldn’t get that invite anyway lmfao. 🙃

We will have live body painting, games, prizes and so much more. Our events help promote sexual health in a safe environment because we believe everyone deserves access to sex education. This space will host a plethora of kinky toys to explore, so prepare yourself. Our art showcase is an interactive experience. You might get strapped into a Saintt Andrews Cross, or find yourself locked in a doghouse. The possibilities are endless!

There will be mini-bites and free wine served. The art displayed will be for sale. You can purchase each piece from the owner directly. We will have some dope black female artists on display, so get your coins ready. I will also be creating a piece live during the showcase for purchase.

Check out last years event here…

This years theme is Alter Ego. Dress as your favorite dual personality costume. If I show up as Gucci Mane, mind your business. I have many sides lololol. This is an opportunity to really flex your style. Come dressed as kinky, or as quirky as you want. 👹

Everyone in attendance will receive a mini kink kit with a free gift inside! This kit will have gifts that you can incorporate into your bedroom later that evening, along with instructions. (I wouldn’t leave yall out there like that lol.)

This is an open event that will introduce folk to kink in a safe and educational way. Everyone (who is of legal age) is welcome to attend. Last year halloween art showcase was amazing and I just can’t wait to see what this year brings! 😈

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