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The adult sex toys mentioned in this review were all purchased from Amazon with my own money. I have included affiliate links for an easy customer experience. If you use the links provided, I will receive compensation for your purchase.  No products were gifted in exchange for these reviews. I kinda wish they were once you see some of the price tags lol.  

So Many Options.

The sex toy business is booming! There are so many different gadgets, whirlybobs and thingamajigs that you may get overwhelmed trying to figure it out on your own. Well, I’m here to help! In an effort to promote safe kinky sex during Covid-19, here are some of the adult sex toys I have purchased online, and how they measure up. Oh, I also name things. Don’t judge me.

The first step in toy shopping is figuring out how you enjoy sex. Do you prefer vibration stimulation only, or is penetration more your thing? Maybe you want both. Once you figure out your needs, you can find the right toy for you. Here are a few suggestions from your resident Sexpert!

First up, my go to toy! The Wand.

This is my gal Belinda! You can use her for self pleasure, or during sex with a partner! Its can be used for clitoral or perineum stimulation. It doesn’t take long to get the job done, and its rechargeable. The deep vibrations makes this toy pleasurable for both parties. Whew! I always recommend it to my clients, especially if they have difficulty reaching climax during sex. Its also waterproof, which means it is great for a shower romp. Shower romps are my jam.


Here is another must have for any novice toy collector. A Bullet.

This is Barney the Bullet. Bullets are so versatile. It can be inserted (always use a condom to protect yourself from BV and other imbalances) into the vagina to stimulate those deep erogenous zones. It can be used for clitoral stimulation by placing the vibrating bullet directly on, or around the clitoris. The bullet is even more perfect for anal! Not to use in the anus, but perfect to insert in the vagina during anal sex. This toy can be used to stimulate the perineum (taint) which sends vibrations to the prostate gland and nerves around the anus. There’s a powerful orgasm waiting in the shadows if you use either of those combos. Trust me.

Next up is Jessica Rabbit. All rechargeable adult sex toys are bae! This vibrator covers so many needs. The toy can be inserted into the vagina until the rabbit ears rest right on the clitoris. For prostate stimulation, you can turn it upside down. This positions the vibrating “rabbit” right on the taint. The one downside to rechargeable toys is you have to remember to charge them. Nothing worse than getting ready to rub one out, and your toy dies mid-session. Luckily, this brand charges pretty quickly to get you back in the game. You can also purchase this model with thrusting action.


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You have heard of this next toy if you are social media savvy. The reviews went viral.

This is my baby Francis. This toy has it all! The hole you see at the top envelops your clitoris with gently licks, while the vibrating shaft inserts into the vagina. It is angled to rest on the urethral sponge, so it also offers that extra deep sensation. There are 10 different vibrating patterns to choose from, or so I have heard. I have never ever made it that far lol. It also has varying degrees of pressure for the sucking sensation. Listen, everything everyone says about this toy is true! Its so quiet that you can use it while lying next to a sleeping partner, and never disturb them. It can also be used with a partner during sex. 10 out of 10. Yes. Do it.

As a sex educator, I am always looking for new ideas and adult toys to try. Here are some of our wilder inventions and purchases.


Someone sent me a picture of a punishment chair online, and I had to have one of my own! I purchased a wooden chair off FB Marketplace for $5 and  I already owned handcuffs. I love toys couples can include in their sessions, plus I wanted to up the torture a bit. What’s a punishment chair without a punisher, right? I found this wand on Amazon that came with a speed controller, and I was sold. It was perfect! My husband drilled a whole in the seat of the chair so I could attach a Hitachi wand that sits right inside the hole. Wala! Chauncey was born!


Next up… a Sex Machine.

I have wanted one of these since I learned they existed! That price tag told me I wasn’t ready then lol. As an adult, it was a must have. Its a riot at parties, although most people have never seen one in person. This baby is dangerous. It has speed controls as well, and you can adjust the angle to fit many different positions. This is the medium version. I still want the H-Smith that stands on its on legs. Still, this machine is a beast and will pull the orgasms out of you. There hasn’t been person who hasn’t tapped out yet! Its a bit noisy, but still usable if you turn the tv or radio up. The speeds are insane. You can go from slow strokes to pound town with a turn of the knob.


The final review in this series goes to The Saddle.

This toy right here is the most requested toy for my classes and parties. People LOVE it! It comes with two attachments; a clitoral pad (shown above) and a penis attachment; to fit all your stimulation needs. You can also buy additional attachments separately. The controls are in the handle, which twists off and uncoils to allow someone else to control the speed and vibration. Hey, I said I like toys for couples lol. It has variable speeds and vibration patterns that are sure to make your nose run! This ride is intense. Its really sturdy, and also really quiet for its size. It was expensive, but it has proven itself worth the money time and again.


Of course, in my line of business, I am always looking for new adult sex toys. Stay tuned as I preview more of my collection. Subscribe now so you don’t miss out!

Here are more pictures of the toys to prove I’m not storying lol. This isn’t even the tip of my collection. ?



















Do you have any of these toys? Got any good recommendations? Comment below, and let me know what to review next!!





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