Black Birth Equity Fund

Dove Doula Grant for Black Families

The Black Birth Equity Fund seeks to provide high-quality care to the community most affected by unnecessary medical deaths. The popular beauty brand Dove© created this grant to offer doula services for the black community to help close the maternal health gap in America. It’s estimated that 60% of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable. That number is mind-boggling. As a member of a family who has lost someone to pregnancy-related issues, this was a large pill to swallow. For how much society swears it loves mothers, that’s a pretty significant disposable number. 

I only heard about this when a close friend of mine received the grant. I wouldn’t have believed it otherwise because companies can be performative. This, however, is the real deal. The grant offers $1300 toward doula services. To qualify, you must:

  • Be Black/African-American
  • Be expecting a child/children, and be in their first – third trimester of pregnancy at the time of application submission
  • Reside in the United States
  • Be seeking Doula services for your birthing journey – the award cannot be used for other services beyond Doula support and care.
  • NOTE: All other information requested (e.g., income, family size, etc. will not determine eligibility or ineligibility).

Advantages of a Doula

The process was really easy, according to my friend, and I feel soooooo much better knowing she won’t be in there alone. If you are black and pregnant or planning a pregnancy soon, please don’t go in here alone. A doula has a niche knowledge of everything surrounding childbirth. Your doctor does not have the range or the time to properly prepare you for pregnancy, childbirth, or motherhood. A doula will advocate for you and be your pregnancy assistant throughout the entire process. 

Please use this grant if you plan to give birth soon. Once again, do not go in there without someone trained to advocate for you. I want you to make it home to your baby, and Dove is helping more black families do that. 🥰🫶🏿

Here is the link to the Black Birth Equity Fund.

If you need suggestions for doula services, email me at 

If you are trying to avoid pregnancy right now, check out how to track your cycle here



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