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Here at Expression Over Repression, I try to cover all of the ways in which people learn. I will teach you about your sexuality, or die trying lol! If your learning style is a bit more personal, book an appointment with a personal sex coach! I am the type of person that works best when I can ask questions throughout the process. I’m not ashamed to admit that about myself. If I run into a hang-up in step 2, I may not process a single step after that.

If we both share these fantastic (sarcasm) learning habits, a personal coaching session may just meet your learning style. Booking an appointment allows you the space to learn and ask questions at your own pace, in a safe and personal setting. You can book as many sessions as you like, over any sexual topics you are intrigued by. I will work with you one on one as we walk through each step together.

Binary questions, sexuality explained, masturbation, couples kink, BDSM and more… I’m here to help you!

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***Catasha is not a sexual therapist. She is a Certified Holistic Sex Educator. All information posted and discussed is for entertainment purposes only. If you require a medical therapist, please visit for a referral in your state. Expression Over Repression absolves itself of any responsibility for personal harm while using the techniques listed in its sex education courses. Please listen to your body and practice safely***