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Book Launch Recap

I appreciate everyone who was able to attend the book launch on November 24th. Headhunters Guide: 5 Tricks You Can Add To Your Bag Today is live! To think, all of this began when I went searching for something and couldn’t find it. Since I couldn’t find it, I created it! I really put myself into this book. It’s written, illustrated, formatted, and edited by me. The most frequent compliment I receive is “I am reading this in your voice!” That is what every person who writes wants to hear. Thank you all for taking this journey with me. I know it was a holiday, and most people were home preparing for dinner with the family. I thank each and every person who created a moment for me on this day. It feels like a journey we took together, but I did all the work lol. Here are some recap photos from the book launch. A few snaps with my favorite people. I am very aware that I was a drunk greasy mess, but I was still fine, and you were forewarned so … you will deal. 🤣

If you still need a book, you can order a copy here…

Or here …

Or even here, which still has cyber Monday deals!

If you purchased a book at an online retailer, and would like it signed, catch me at live any event! Bring your copy with you to any event in which and I am speaking, and I will autograph it for you on the spot! Thank you for your support!


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December 9, 2021