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Cash Giveaway ?

Can You Find It?

Who doesn’t love a Cash Prize right? The rules of this giveaway are simple. Keep reading to find out how to win!

2020 has been one hell of a year for us all. No matter your race or economic class, 2020 tried to collect the bounty put on your head. Some of you have lost a lot this year. Husbands, parents, children and other loved ones have gained their wings in this short time. Others suffered huge financial losses like small businesses, homes, jobs and more. We all have been affected, one way or the other.

But guess what? Your ass is still here!! I am eternally grateful for every single soul that has survived so far! Even in the worst of times you still managed to eek out small wins for yourself! 2020 was kind in some ways, and I was able to enjoy that kindness because of you. Your continued business made this year a roaring success for me. To share my gratitude, I have built a little scavenger hunt for you!

Take This Sex Quiz…


When: You have until 11:59 pm on Dec 29th, 2020

Where: Hidden in one of the blogs from 2020 is a code phrase worth 100 smackaroos. Okay, I really just wanted to say smackaroos lol. Anyway, you have a chance at that $100 if can find the code phrase imbedded in one of the articles.

How: I wont tell tell you what the code phrase is, but I will tell you that you will know it once you see it. It will be randomly placed and contain a call to action lol. Follow the instructions in the code phrase and you are in! I will hold a live drawing on IG Dec 30th to announce the winner! Make sure you are following us on Instagram @ExpOverRep! The winner drawn will receive a cash app of $100. Easy Peasy!


Good Luck! You’re gonna need it! ??


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