The Importance of How You Rate You.

How you rate you tells people more about you than how others rate you. It’s time we have a hard conversation that isn’t centered around someone else. It’s time we have a hard conversation with […]

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Burlington Bowline

It’s still Knotty November, and Coach Catasha is here to deliver a quick lesson on the Burlington bowline tie! Saturdays course will move pretty quickly as it is a slightly more advanced technique. I’m omitting […]

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Sexy. What is it?

What is “Sexy?” With People magazine naming Michael B. Jordan as Sexiest Man Alive 2020, it sparked an odd thought about the fluidity of sexy. The word itself brings a very defined picture in your […]

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Do You NEED Sex?

Fundamentally, I mean. Does the human body require it? Do You NEED sex? Do we need it, probably not, but not many of us would live without it. Sex is a natural part of development. […]

National Kink Month!

Hello Kinkies!! Guess what October is? That’s right, it’s National Kink Month!! This is the perfect time to try something new and spice up your sex life! Here is a list of kinky things to […]

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The Magic Of Female Ejaculation.

It’s a mystery that female ejaculation. A unicorn in an active volcano during the winter solstice. It’s the elusive female ejaculate, aka “squirting.” So many women have set out on the journey of discovering this […]

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