HIV Kit Follow Up

This class is a follow up to the HIV kit class I did last month. Due to the rising number of HIV cases in the state of Oklahoma, The Oklahoma Dept Of Health launched a […]

Contraceptives: Dental Dam

Dental Dam Tutorial Let’s run through a quick Dental Dam tutorial to jumpstart our Contraceptives series. Dental dams are one of the safest and easiest ways to protect yourself against the transmission of STI/STDs. Don’t […]

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Updates in HIV Treatment and Prevention

Recent updates in HIV treatment and prevention are drawing additional attention in local news. Oklahoma is among six other states that have shown an increase in HIV cases, specifically in our rural communities. There are […]

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Benefits of Scheduling Sex

Some people feel like scheduling sex means you’ve failed at your relationship, but it has quite a few benefits when you look at the details. I once laughed at folks who scheduled sex, now look […]

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Where Is The Vulva?

Have you ever asked yourself, exactly where is the vulva on the body? You are going to want to put them paws on me after today! 😅 We often interchange words when it comes to […]

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Consent vs Assent

Critical Differences Let’s discuss the fundamental differences between Consent vs Assent. If you have concerns, then this course is for you! It has been drilled into our heads that consent is the ultimate goal when […]

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Quick Release Knot

Quick Release Knot Let’s learn to tie a quick release knot! A quick release knot is great for beginners as it can be undone with the tug of one string! BDSM can seem intimidating when you […]

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Injaculation, or semen retention, has existed for millennia in many western cultures. Semen retention is the process of reabsorbing semen back into the body, versus ejaculating during orgasm. Semen is instead redirected back into the […]

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What Is Non-Binary?

I know the term is used frequently, but what is Non-Binary? What does that mean? In our new Gender Series, we will discuss the history of gender and how to address those that fall a […]

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