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Arguing With Your Partner More Frequently?


This months #SexEd course covers Couples Connection exercises. Reconnecting with your spouse during quarantine is the focus this month. Covid -19 affected all couples in some capacity. It’s been especially difficult for couples isolated together. Relationships that seemed infallible crumbled under the absence of structure and alone time. Marriages already experiencing spousal blips prior to Covid are seeing the worst of it. collected data on thousands of couples in a study.  Research shows there’s been a 34% increase in the purchase of divorce agreements compared to the same time last year.

Here is some more data they found:

Sex is a natural mood booster. Including Couples Connection exercises into your daily life routine could potentially balance emotional distress. For healthy partners, sex is an exercise in grounding. It brings you back to the basics with your spouse. I want to help amplify that energy for you, especially during a time where you may need it most.

Read more about natural chemical boosts during sex…

This course highlights intention and sexual arousal. You will learn how to create sexual tension and energy before a single article of clothing is removed. The course will emphasize everyday items you can use during sex without leaving the safety of your home(or order online). We will also practice basic tantric exercises to bring you and your partner back to center. It is a difficult time for everyone right now. Let’s be kind to ourselves and others. Use this abundance of quality time (perspective) to practice intentionally loving on each other.

Price: $50 a couple.

When: You can book anytime here….

Where: A virtual link is emailed 24hrs after booking


Book as many sessions as needed. There are no limits.

We could all use a sexual energy tuneup every now and again. You deserve!


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December 29, 2020 at 1:06 am

Hello! We all noticed that quarantine destroyed marriages more in comparison to normal days. I agree with your point that Sex is a natural mood booster. Thanks for sharing this blog, I will share about your sex exercise course with my friends.

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