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Posting Guidelines

Expression Over Repression is a sexually inclusive learning environment.  We should all be adults, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to manners. With that in mind, we have established some basic “etiquette guidelines” as well as binding “rules of engagement” below for everyone that posts on the site.


We expect users to abide by these rules as a matter of form and they may be enforced through moderation by our userbase.

Above all, be nice

Good manners and simple courtesy are expected. However much you may disagree with what is written, there’s no need to be offensive when posting. We’re all here to help the community, to share knowledge and different ideas, and to create the best investor site possible.

Be Precise and Concise

Please use a descriptive title for your posts summarizing your argument/evidence. A good title will increase the readership of your content.  Please also try to keep postings concise and to the point, rather than rambling.  Repetition of the same point can be tedious for the reader.

Don’t feed the trolls

Don’t perpetuate off-topic discussion. Pay attention to prevent discussions from turning into personal disagreements. If you see this happening, try and turn the focus back to the content, not the person. If this fails, the members concerned can be asked to take their disagreement off-board. If someone makes an inappropriate or “spam” post,  please don’t add more noise by replying to the forum.  Just report the post using the “Report Abuse” button and if you are the owner of the thread you can moderate the post yourself.


Rules of Engagement

Important – Violation of the following rules is highly like to result in moderation. Responsibility for moderation lies primarily with the owner of a given thread.  However, the Site Administrators may intervene where it is believed that the thread owner is not effectively monitoring a thread.

Violation of these rules may also lead to a temporary or permanent site ban.  We operate a “3 strikes and you’re out” policy where – unless a violation is particularly serious – a user violating the rules below will receive two email warnings from the Administrators, following by a site ban.

If you observe any violations of these rules by others, please do let us know immediately using the “Report Abuse” button at the bottom of each post. This report will be sent to the Site Administrators and the thread owner (unless the thread owner is the relevant poster).

Copyright Violation

We expect that all content posted in the forums will have created by the poster. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Where possible, we prefer summaries and hyperlinks to direct quotations of third party material. If you wish to quote something for which you do not own the copyright, you must make the excerpt explicit by using the “quotation” tool in the text editor and credit the author, ideally with a hyperlink. It is your responsibility as a poster to be aware of US copyright law and to make sure that your material is compliant.


Non-public Information

We expect all users to comply with all relevant laws. If you suspect that information, pictures or links posted on the site about a person is being shared without said persons permission, please notify us immediately so that it can be removed and, if appropriate, the authorities can be notified.



No repeat posts with the same text should be posted in different forums.  Posting racially abusive or other undesirable content will lead to your subscription being cancelled as well as an instant ban with your IP address blocked. Try Jesus, don’t try me.


Disruptive Behavior

You must not disrupt or interfere with discussions. This behavior may include creating a disproportionate number of posts or discussions; creating off-topic posts; making statements that are inflammatory; manipulating topics to disrupt conversation; or any behavior that interferes with conversations or inhibits the ability of others to enjoy this website. We also expect users to respect the privacy of others – unless they have chosen to state their real name in their profile, our working assumption is that they wish to remain anonymous.



Abusive Language

There’s no need to be rude when posting, however much you may disagree with what is written. Insulting or flaming another member is considered very poor form – it is not constructive and does not advance the debate. Consistent and repeated use of offensive language may result in your subscription being cancelled and you being banned from the site. Heated personal arguments will not be tolerated, however serious and vigorous intelligent discussion on the topic of the thread is encouraged.



You may share any photos, memes, or articles related to Sexuality, within the parameters of the law. This limit will surely be tested. The moderators reserve the right to independently decide what’s offensive in forum discussions. This may lead to your content being removed. This does not extend to “media you don’t like” that may be centered around alternate lifestyles.

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