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Halloween Exhibition

Art and Pain

Lets chat about the upcoming Halloween Party and Art Exhibition!

It will be a very unique experience, like nothing no one has ever done in this state. I have built custom BDSM torture devices for you to experiment with. This is not a sex party lol. Ya’ll are funny lmao. There will be no swapping of fluids at this party. It is simply an adult-themed costume and lingerie party with drinks, music, prizes and more.

We have added two additional artists to the lineup, The Sexy Tiffani Nicole, and Raasheda B, will both be displaying erotic art for purchase at the Halloween Exhibition. Come out and support your local black creators!

There is a also a costume contest for a cash prize. Wear your best costume for a chance to win $100, and be voted fan favorite! We are creating a safe environment for adults to come and explore the other side of vanilla life. You might be more interested than you think. We also want to ensure you aren’t partying with your children in a club. No one wants that.

Putting this show together has been taxing. I have bags under my eyes right now 😅, but it will be the dopest thing going this Halloween. I guarantee that! I’m running myself into the ground to make sure of it! I had to lose 10lbs to get into my dress! You all wont be ready.

If you have partied with us before, you know we kicks it. No judgment, no pressures, just kink and vibes.

Must be 21 to enter.

Covid Masks required.




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