How To: Multiple Orgasms

Today we are going to delve into the world of multiple orgasms.

Multiple orgasms are very possible and attainable if you just know where to look. It’s not a particularly difficult skill. It doesn’t require you purchase any new equipment, or take PTO from work. Well, i’ll take that back. The end result might have you calling off work to try and get your life back in order. Men are able to have multiple orgasms with a bit of training as well.

Types of Orgasms.

New research on the vagina has found that your clitoris extends much further into your body than originally documented. Most types of orgasms involve clitoral stimulation, either directly or indirectly. There are also areas in the vagina known as deep erogenous zones. These “spots” are:

  • A-Spot
  • O-Spot
  • G-Spot
  • U-Spot

Each spot is activated in a different region within the vagina. If you study and learn your body well enough, you can overlap these orgasms. Learning to stack the different orgasms can change your life! You may have already experienced this and didn’t know it. If you are riding, you can trigger a G-Spot orgasm, and a clitoral orgasm back to back. Sound familiar? You probably think of him often don’t you lol?

How To:

Learning your body is the first thing you must do. Once you learn your body and what it likes, use your hips to help access those deep erogenous zones. We don’t use angling our hips enough during sex. You know how sometimes you get into your car, and the rearview mirror seems like it was moved? You know it’s hasn’t been moved though, so you adjust yourself in the seat. Same principle. Even when you are on the bottom, use your hips to get you in those good stroking angles.

Arguing With Your Partner More Frequently?

Now here is the secret. Once you experience your first orgasm, keep squeezing your PC muscles in a rhythmic motion. Doing this simple action keeps you from entering the resolution stage.  By continuing to activate your pelvic floor muscles, you don’t completely “come down” from your first orgasm. This sets you up nicely for the second wave to come in roaring like a typhoon! The point is to deter the refractory period after orgasm. Tell that vagina we are not done here!

Other Benefits

There are other benefits to this technique as well. If you are with a partner, and he is inside of you while you are squeezing, you can stimulate him and bring him back from orgasm. This causes him to experience multiple orgasms as well. Men can also learn to separate their orgasm from their ejaculation. This means he can feel the rush of an orgasm without expulsion of semen, which means he can keep stroking.

The formula works on oral sex as well. The key to multiple orgasms during oral is rotation. If she came while you were stroking her clitoris, move to her vaginal opening for 1-2 minutes until the sensitivity in the clitoris subsides. If you keep playing around it, you can keep it worked up and ready for that next big O. Some women aren’t as sensitive after orgasm as others. Those women just need a difference in stroke and pressure to get them back in the saddle. Follow these tips and let me know how it goes! ?

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