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The Magic Of Female Ejaculation.

It’s a mystery that female ejaculation.

A unicorn in an active volcano during the winter solstice.

It’s the elusive female ejaculate, aka “squirting.” So many women have set out on the journey of discovering this phenomenon, only to quit on the first quarter-mile of the hike. Well honey, we are going to get you over that mountain, across that finish line, and onto your very own unicorn! You deserve!


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There are generally three types of orgasms (more have been located), vaginal, clitoral and Grafenberg Spot or “G-Spot.” Each has a different feeling and is stimulated in a different way. We are only focusing on one unicorn today, the G spot. I’m not just going to tell you what I have read, I’m going to tell you what I know first hand.

G-spot orgasms can be described as deeper, wave-like orgasms. It literally pulsates through your whole body like someone dropped you in the ocean. It can last anywhere from seconds to sometimes several minutes!! THERE IS AN ORGASM THAT LASTS SEVERAL MINUTES LADIES!! What did we do to deserve this and how do we get in the number? Well, let’s get right into it….

The G-spot is typically located inside the vagina, right behind the pubic bone (shown below).








I say typically because each woman is different. The area surrounding the G-spot is also very sensitive so with just a little directional intensity, you should locate it pretty easily. The not so funny thing is, most women have felt the stimulation from hitting the area, but they consciously stop themselves from enjoying it. Why you ask? Well, because they feel like they have to pee! Yep. That pressure you feel during sex or vaginal play is actually you stimulating your G-Spot! You have already found the unicorn and didn’t even know it girl! Now let me tell you how to get on it and ride it into the sunset!

Firstly:  Is it pee?

The jury is still out on that scientifically. Here is where I tell you what I know AND what I have read. It does not taste like pee, although it comes through your urethra from your bladder. It can have heavy traces of urine if you did not empty your bladder before sex, but I have always made it a habit to do that anyway. Studies have shown that even if you pee before sex, G-spot stimulation will cause the bladder to fill itself back up with a fluid that isn’t pee and you will still expel that liquid from the same place. So, pee before you start and you will be fine!

Secondly:  How do you stimulate it?

Here are my tips and tricks that have always worked for me:

Arouse yourself first. Getting warmed up, or even after an orgasm is the best time to go hunting because the area will already be swelled and easily accessible. I recommend trying to find the spot through self pleasure so you don’t have to worry about performing, but having a partner is also very helpful if you need it. Start  by sitting on your bottom kind of hunched over with your legs agape. Take your two longest fingers (one if you are shy) and insert it inside of your vagina. Make sure that your fingertips are pointing up toward your navel; now try to hook your fingers behind your pelvic bone. You should instantly feel a pressure like you have to pee.

It resembles a “come here” motion. (shown below)

Image result for G-Spot Diagram

I know the urge to stop will try to take over, but dont stop.  Start sliding your fingers in and out, remembering to keep you fingers curved. If you are nimble enough you can lie back, but I do recommend you stay in a sitting position until you are comfortable in finding it with no issue. I also recommend bearing down like you are trying to pee or squeezing your kegel muscles. It will make the vaginal canal smaller and help with he accessibility of the G-Spot. You can also press right above the pelvic bone on your tummy to help you get to it. This will push the outside of the area down to meet your lingering fingers inside.

Get a good rhythm and just continue to stroke the area until an unmistakable urge passes over you. DO NOT STOP! I prefer it angled, hard and deep, but you just keep moving and wiggling and stroking and bearing down until yowzer!! Your legs should start feeling weak as you reach your climax, then you should feel a splash!

If your fingers aren’t long enough, there are plenty of toys you can use as well. Just be mindful of the angle. My preference is a hard toy with a mean hook like…

female ejaculation toy









Just be sure that the toy you are using curves upward! Also, you already possess the most powerful tool in locating your G-Spot, your hips! Angle your hips and body until you feel the sensation of having to pee and you will know you are in the right spot! A little practice and you can find your favorite position with your toy every time.

Here is my tried and true method: Kneel on the bed with your knees apart, but your body upright. Take a curved toy and reach behind you to insert it into your vagina with the curve facing toward your navel. Next, pull in your kegels and pound away! It doesn’t usually take me long for my knees to start buckling and the faucet comes on. I also use my Hitachi wand for clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Another helpful tip is to try to think back to the most common position where you experience a strong urge to urinate and then try that one! However you have to make it happen, just keep at it. Your unicorn is waiting to be mounted!

A few things I want you to understand on the journey to finding your unicorn…
  1. You may not find it the first try but don’t quit searching! It takes time and patience, but honey it is worth it!
  2. The hardest part will be overcoming the urge to stop once you get the pee sensation. You will have to mentally train yourself to get out of that habit. “Don’t cheat yo’self. Treat yo’self!”
  3. Don’t forget to bear down or squeeze those kegels!
  4. Don’t be afraid to bring in your partner if you can’t reach it alone.
  5. If one method does not work, try another. There are plenty of ways to orgasm, this ride is no different.
  6. Once it starts, it does not turn off. There is no one and done. As long as it is being stroked you will have orgasm after orgasm. Prepare yourself because it will be a long, wet session.

Now get out there and get to wiggling those fingers!


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