The Importance of How You Rate You.

How you rate you tells people more about you than how others rate you. It’s time we have a hard conversation that isn’t centered around someone else. It’s time we have a hard conversation with ourselves. How we view ourselves is the most important metric when looking for a mate. Not what he has, but what you see as your own value. Once you establish your own value, then you can set the value of your partner. There was something that was grossly overlooked in an effort to be bitchy for likes and shares in that viral video. Something that could have really helped her on her journey.

Please watch this is video if you would rate yourself a 5.

You are not disposable. You do not have to die alone. Stop asking someone who has failed (on record) at two relationships, how to manage your goals.  He won’t have your best interest at heart. The only man that will tell you to lower your standards is a man beneath you. Yes, six figure men want all types of women. I know because my fat, black, loud ass snagged me one.

If you would like to book an appt to start your healing journey, check the About Me page and shoot me a message. The Youtube channel is brand new. You can Like and Subscribe here… No matter where you are in life, you are worthy of everything you are willing to work for. This includes the work on you.


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