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Intro. to Dominating

Welcome to this years Valentines course: Intro. to Dominating 😈

Contrary to popular belief, it is hard to punish someone you aren’t genuinely angry with. It’s even more difficult when that person is smiling and begging for more. Pushing the bounds of a Dominant is not easy when you don’t naturally carry sadistic tendencies. Unlike the movies have portrayed, it doesn’t just “turn on.”  It may seem easy but whipping, humiliation, and other varied forms of punishment can be difficult to safely inflict on someone you love. Being dominate is a skill that needs education + practice to perfect. The lines tend to blur as you travel further into pleasure vs pain. Fortunately for you, converting masculine energy into sexual energy is a skill that can be mastered, no matter the gender.

Socially, each gender faces a different set of obstacles in taking charge. Please choose whichever workshop that aligns the way you identify.

📌Classes are held on separate days. Please make note when choosing a workshop.

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Go ahead, sprinkle a little bondage on your Lovers Day 🥰 This is the perfect opportunity to invest in your sexual health, and give your partner an experience they will never forget!

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7pm to 8:30pm CST

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Intro to Dominating

Intro to Dominating


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***All information posted and discussed is for entertainment purposes only. If you require a medical therapist, please visit AASECT.org for a referral in your state. Expression Over Repression absolves itself of any responsibility for personal harm while using the techniques listed in its sex education courses. Please listen to your body and practice safely***



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