Judgement is Good

Judgment Can Be Good!

If you know anything about me, then you know Vampire In Brooklyn is one of my favorite movies. In that movie is one of my favorite lines delivered by Preacher Pauly. He says “Evil is Good.” He goes on to explain how a lot of them wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for a little piece of ass. I internalized that as everything has its place. Judgement is and can be Good.

noun: judgement

the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.

This definition feels wholesome enough, right? Why doesn’t the judgement we know, feel like this? Without getting into religious territory, (that’s not what this blog is about) you have to understand its context. The only way to come to sensible conclusions is to…… have all the facts! Considered decisions do not come from misinformation or lazy research. It comes from finding the truth and connecting the context clues. It doesn’t mean you like or dislike something. You can only come to the judgement that something is not for you.


Experiencing Pain During Sex?…😖


To make a sound judgement you need the whole truth, but people don’t want to name their truth because people judge… whew! You tired yet? See, to have someone make a sound judgement about me, you have to have all the facts. I have to tell the truth for you to get the truth, but if you get the truth, are you going to weaponize it? Will you use the truth to decide the thing that I like is beyond the scope of “normal?”

Good judgement is me divulging what I like, knowing that it will attract people who also like that thing. I am not interested in pleasing or attracting the people who are disgusted by the things I like. That is counter-intuitive to my happiness! Be honest about your desires. Its better to wait and attract the person who likes your things, than to settle for a unfulfilled existence.

It starts with your honesty though. Are you ready to do that?🤔


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