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Kegel Check

Kegel Check!

We have all heard the phrase “kegel check” before, but has anyone ever told you why its important? Your PC muscles support your uterus, rectum, bladder and parts of your intestines! Kegel checks are often prescribed to individuals with incontinence to help stop leakage. Like all muscles, the stronger they are, the better they perform. If you have a vagina, kegel exercises could increase the frequency and magnitude of your orgasms. Pc exercises helps a penis get into those hard to reach erogenous zones and increase the chance of multiple orgasms! If you have both, I’m jealous lol. Here is a 3min kegel check, sprinkled with some affirmations, to help you start exercising today!

Important: Do not practice while urinating, as this may damage the bladder. Do not overwork yourself. Too much straining of the muscle isn’t good either, so be cautious and consult a physician if you experience any pain during pelvic training.

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