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June is Pride Month.

In honor of Pride Month, we should revisit what LGBTQIA+ means and who it represents. Pride isn’t just for the lesbians and gays, pride is for everyone! Even if your sexual orientation aligns within societal norms, you may physically express uncommon or non-binary traits. Pride is for you too! Make this the moment you live your authentic life, whatever that looks like. Societal constructs have informed so much of how people present, but who does that represent? Who were these constructs built for, and what systems do they benefit? Positive gender expression is a part of good sexual health.

This pride I want everyone, no matter their gender or sexual orientation, to be who they feel inside. Make space for yourself and others to explore happiness and joy this June. There are many events nationwide to support Pride Month. Go out and be extraordinary!


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June 27, 2024