Me and my mom (my first valentine)

My First Valentine

My First Valentine Without My First Valentine.

My mom recently “passed on to glory,” as she would say, lol, and this year will be my first valentine without my first valentine. Honestly, I feel closer to her now than I did when she was here. I talk to her all the time now, and the things she’s bought me over the years have become precious.

Every Valentine’s Day, my brothers and sister would compete to see who got mom the most ridiculously conspicuous gift. Mom loved to brag about the stuff we bought. I got 15 balloons from the dollar tree once, and they were folded up on the floor before she threw them away. I think I was beat by my brothers slab of ribs that year lol. My favorite gift from her was a Big Trouble in Little China DVD. 🥰

I still wish she could have experienced more in life and love. Many of our mothers survived harsh realities, especially if that mother was black. Loving yourself had to come behind survival.

Okay, well, that’s not about to be us. We are not wasting that time; it is entirely too valuable.

The Road to YOU

So this year, I challenge you to find what makes you happy. Use this valentines month as a catalyst to shower love and happiness upon yourself. If you don’t know what that looks like, go start shit and figure it out. It’s hard to see yourself when you are just trying to survive. I’m challenging you this month to step outside of yourself and ask these two questions.

1. Am I happy
2. Am I waiting for someone to make me happy?

If those two questions don’t open you up… 😅

The only person required to bring you joy is you. Stop waiting for someone to come along and give you that thing you need. YOU are the thing that you need. If you still need help, you know where to find me. 👉🏿

Happy Valemtimes Day 😘😜



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February 16, 2023