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National Kink Month!

Hello Kinkies!! Guess what October is? That’s right, it’s National Kink Month!!

This is the perfect time to try something new and spice up your sex life! Here is a list of kinky things to try for every day in October. Let me know in the comments below what you loved and what didn’t work out so well. The goal is to be open-minded and try. That’s it! Go be kinky!!!

Oct 1st: Intimate Kissing. Set a time limit to how long you must kiss before engaging in the next act.

Oct 2nd: Exploring the Vagina. Look at it, stimulate multiple areas, and assess the differences in feeling. Explore and see what you have been missing!

Oct 3rd: Foot Play. Some people are really into feet, some are not. Do some research and see what all the commotion is about.

Oct 4th: Foodie. Incorporate erotic edibles into your sex. Things like strawberries, honey, whipped cream, or cucumbers. Get wild!

Oct 5th: Servitude. Do a service for your partner, like read to them. Do it naked if you really want to spice it up.

Oct 6th: Foreplay. Devote additional time to foreplay. Build some anticipation before penetration.

Oct 7th: Couples Meditation. There is something wildly erotic about spiritually linking yourself to someone else.

Oct 8th: Edging. Bring yourself or your partner to the breaking point, then back off. Repeat the process until you’re ready to explode!

Oct 9th: Roleplay. Get into character, and be someone else! This can be as serious or as playful as you like. Incorporate costumes to really turn it up.

Oct 10th: Anal play. Remember to take your time and go slow. Start small and work your way up.

Are you hanging in there…?

Oct 11th: Domination: Get bossy! Take charge in the bedroom, but don’t forget to nurture your partner afterward.

Oct 12th: Send Nudes. Nothing says “Come get this” like a sexy photo in the middle of the day or anytime, really.

Oct 13th: Go see an erotic show. Burlesques and erotic shows are common in most states. If not, a strip club will do the job.

Oct 14th: Cuckhold/Cuckquean. There are three players in a cuckold. Choose one, and go be great!

Oct 15th: Electro Sex. Electronic Stimulation can be very arousing if used correctly. A slight shock to the right area can magnify your orgasm 10 fold.


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Oct 16th: Hand Jobs. There is an endless number of techniques out there. Try a new one, or try them all!

Oct 17th: Porn. Delve into new porn categories and share them with your partner to see who gets aroused first.

Oct 18th: Restraints. Give up control and just enjoy the ride. Some household items can double as bondage devices. Go find out which ones.

Oct 19th: Sensory Deprivation. Removing one of your senses creates a void your mind tries desperately to fill, which can heighten sexual pleasure.

Oct 20th: Toys. Incorporate toys into your sex life. There are thousands of toys for single and couples play. Try something new!

Oct 21st: National Fisting Day. National Fisting Day during National Kink Month?? Don’t mind if I do!

Just a few more days to go…

Oct 22nd: Dance for you. Put on a sexy jam and let go. Let your inner Beyoncé shine in the moonlight.

Oct 23rd: Write/Read an erotic poem. Poetry has always spoken directly to the heart and also the nether regions.

Oct 24th: Sex games. Spice it up by putting a kinky spin on familiar games. Strip monopoly, or go down on your partner while they play Xbox.

Oct 25th: Competition. Engage your partner, and see who lasts the longest before giving in.

Oct 26th: Pre-sex. Start by grabbing your partner’s neck……I mean butt, in the grocery store, or brush up against them as you kiss each other goodbye.

Oct 27th: Candles: The thought of hot wax sounds scary, but it is highly erotic and, therefore, stimulating, or so I heard…..from a friend.

Oct 28th: Submission. There is something erotic about giving someone else control of you. Beg for it.

Oct 29th: Roping. Explore the wonderful world of Shibari and Kinbaku. Practice simple bindings, and work your way up.

Oct 30th: Attend a Kinky Event! Tonight come out and enjoy some art and BDSM with us!https://ticketbud.com/events/b4752680-0235-11ec-89ff-42010a717015

Oct 31st: Threesome. What better day than All Hallows Eve to bring in a third and get all the way kinky before All Saints Day!?


National Kink Month is a great opportunity to go forth and kink so, get to it!



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