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Contraceptives: Female Condoms

This week we are adding a class covering female condoms to our Contraceptives series. This short tutorial shows what they look like and how to use them . The packaging says “female condom,” but this […]

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Ask Coach Catasha / Free Courses

Ask Coach Catasha: Live March

Last March we hosted our first live Ask Coach Catasha via Facebook. Viewers were encouraged to submit questions in advance to be answered live on air. This class gives viewers the free opportunity to experience […]

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Contraceptives: Dental Dam

Dental Dam Tutorial Let’s run through a quick Dental Dam tutorial to jumpstart our Contraceptives series. Dental dams are one of the safest and easiest ways to protect yourself against the transmission of STI/STDs. Don’t […]

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Menstrual Blood. What’s in it?

I mean, maybe you haven’t ever looked at menstrual blood and wondered what’s in it, but why haven’t you? Your body does all these small little tasks that help it run in optimal condition. This […]

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Ask Coach Catasha / Members Only

Can I Use The Rose During Sex? 

Ask Coach Catasha tackles this weeks viewer inquiry, Can I Use The Rose During Sex? The requestor chose to remain anonymous, but I still so glad this question was asked. Check out this weeks course […]

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