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The Technical Guide To Creating Intimacy

The Technical Guide to Creating Intimacy is now available! This book gives you practical ways to create intimacy with any partner, no matter the dynamic. It includes simple to follow strategies on deciphering your partners needs and teaches you how to fulfill them organically. If you are willing to learn to be what your partner desires, this book shows you how (and why) to be that and more. It doesn’t have to be weird. It’s not a difficult as it seems, if you understand the foundation of desire. Let me show you how to make it work.

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28 Day Sexy Self Care Journal for Men

The men asked for their own 28 Day Sexy Self Care Journal, so I made it happen! This journal is a guide for anyone who identifies as masculine. Sexuality has probably never been on your radar, but that changes today. You are a sexual being and intentionally investing in your sexual health will help grow that being to make you a better lover. Grab both 28 Day Sexy Self-Care Journals for you and your partner, and start your sexual re-awakening together! Both Journals are  just $6.99 each. (only available on Amazon)


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28 Day Sexy Self Care Journal

The 28 Day Sexy Self-Care Journal was created to guide you back to your groove. Not feeling like your old self is bad enough. Not knowing how to fix it is worse. This journal gives you tangible prompts to incorporate into your daily schedule. The prompts are designed to help you uncover your own sexual energy. Complete each task, no matter what your schedule consists of for the day. If its fishnet day, and laundry day, do both! You can schedule this intentional self love bombing at any time with your own personal sexy self care guide. Re-ignite your sexual energy today for only $6.99! (only available on Amazon)

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Headhunters Guide – 5 Tricks You Can Add To Your Bag Today!

This is the first sex ed mini-manual coming from Oklahoma’s newest author, Catasha Gordon. Inside you will find diagrams and definitions of the internal and external parts of the groin, as well as, five original moves coined by Coach Catasha herself! It’s an easy to follow guide, custom made for anyone looking to improve their base level knowledge of fellatio. Its already receiving great reviews! Don’t let those teeth scrapes get you down. This book is the answer!

Cover of headhunters guide

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