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Quick Release Knot

Quick Release Knot

Let’s learn to tie a quick release knot! A quick release knot is great for beginners as it can be undone with the tug of one string! BDSM can seem intimidating when you first try it. What if the knot collapses? How do I get it untied? What if they can’t get out?

I got you! This knot is so easy, even my arthritic hands can handle it! It is called a Mooring Hitch, and its my favorite knot for beginners. It’s really easy to complete and only takes one pull to dismantle. Let’s get to it!


Safety First!!

When working with rope, always have a pair of EMT shears readily available. Here is the affiliate link for the ones I use. They are sturdy and can cut through a jute knot easily. 


Grab the rope and wrap it around the column. A column is whatever you are trying to tie up. ie…arm, leg, bed post etc… Here the column is my leg.


Next cross the working end (right side) of the rope over the left side like so…


Take the end of the left rope that you just crossed, and weave it through the loop around the column. Over the left side of the loop, under the right side as shown below.

OAN: where you even really an outside kid if you don’t have this scar on your kneecap? 😅


Now take the same working end and make a little loop from the excess rope…


That new loop will go through the big loop resting on my leg, but weave it under the the other end of the rope in the middle of the big loop.



       Learn the Burlington Bowline Knot here!🪢




Pull the loop under the middle rope through the big loop and you should see something that resembles a pretzel. Don’t worry if its a raggedy pretzel lol. It takes some practice.


This is where it gets tricky. Grab the loop you just weaved and you will realize one side slides, while the other side of the loop does not. Tug at the side of the loop that slides AND the non-working end of the rope. The side thats just been laying there getting weaved on lol. Pull the non working end of the rope and the side of the loop that’s mobile and it will tighten down the knot like so…


Now you should be able to pull on the loop and the non-working end and the knot shouldn’t budge. Those two ends have secured the knot! To untie, simply pull on the working end of the rope like so….

There you have it! Your first quick release knot!


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