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Roleplay: Bartender Edition

Happy New Year Kinkies! Your big sis hopes all is well! I’m coming up on my year anniversary of sheltering in place. My husband and I have been home since March of 2019. Needless to say, you can get bored pretty quickly! One of the ways we have kept the spark going is by trying new quarantine-friendly date night ideas. Roleplay: Bartender Edition is one of our faves! One person waits for their blind date at the bar, while the other person (bartender) tries to small talk their way into the picture. Its so fun and flirtatious that it feels like courting all over again!

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But I don’t know how to make drinks?

I got you! Below you will find 5 bar drinks and their recipes. These recipes are novice friendly and also ultra sexy! You may be lucky and already have some of the ingredients! Make sure you use your good glasses to add ambience to the game. I did need props for this roleplay because, well… if I’m going to play, I’m going all out! I purchased this bartender kit on amazon because it was cheap, but its pretty fancy. The shaker is my favorite! I opt out of a bra the nights I get to be the bartender. ? You can still make the drinks without a bartender kit, but when I get in character, I go all the way! If you aren’t into Role pay, take turns making drinks each night and bet on who will make the best drinks!


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Good Luck! Don’t forget to try and convince the bartender to take a drink with you while on the clock.

You might even take them home for the night!? Feel free to share!

Bartender recipes








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