seasonal change of the leaves on one tree

Seasons Change

As the seasons change, we preemptively prepare ourselves for this new existence. We put away our sunscreen and take down our scarves and layers. The shorts get packed up, the space heaters start leaving that burning match smell throughout the rooms, and the boots come out. Sometimes, these changes can affect other parts of your life that you still need to build a system to prepare for. 

The Shift 

Many people are experiencing shifts in their long-term relationships during this season. Old friends become strangers, parental boundaries change, kids are off to college, and so forth. These changes can weigh heavily on your psyche, especially if you’re talking history. It may be a betrayal that causes the seasonal change, or it may just be two people moving in a different direction. Many things can cause the shift, but how do you prepare? How do you handle losing what you had?

The Blueprint

One of the most important lessons you can learn is that humans are not infallible, not even you. We all have a season in someone’s life. No one can be everything to everyone. Every person living is moving through life trying to figure it out. The likelihood that they change during that process is high, and that change may not be especially peaceful to you. Seasons are a part of growth and should be embraced by each individual because they bring with them the opportunity to learn about yourself and others around you.

Letting Go

Knowing whether you should do more to repair a relationship is subjective. I’m not telling you to give up on someone you love. I’m asking you to define your version of love. Is it love, failure, fear of abandonment, or selfishness? If it feels forced, maybe more growth is needed to learn the lesson, which may not require your presence. Make amends with yourself and the place people take in your life. It’s not personal. It’s simply the inevitable change of seasons. 


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October 5, 2023