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Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of having a Sex Coach at your disposal? How would sexual counseling actually impact your life? Well, take this quiz and find out! You will be pleasantly surprised after discovering how a great sex life improves your overall health. After all, sexual health is health!

I believe having a sex coach is extremely necessary. I also understand most people don’t know exactly what it is a Sexual Wellness Coach does. A Sex Coach is just what it sounds like, a coach to teach you tips and tricks on sex and relationships. Imagine not having to fumble around at the worst time because you do not know what to do. A sex coach can help you avoid those life-altering mistakes that ruin your reputation and your sexual enjoyment. It’s like a personal trainer, but for sex! I can teach you how to get the most pleasure out of your sex life without putting yourself in harms way (unless you are into that sorta thing. I don’t judge lol).

Here is a short quiz to address some of the most common issues surrounding sex. Please answer honestly and candidly. If you feel like your sex life could use a personal trainer, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment. Honestly, there is ALWAYS more to learn when it comes to sex. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself!




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December 7, 2020