Sexkapades: Vol 1.

Submitted by: R.A from NC

This Sexkapades story starts with me attending a PWI in my peak blackness stage. Dont Judge Me:

My dormmate was pretty cool. She was a young white girl, who grew up with money and connections. [Redacted] was invited to a frat party by a guy she went to high-school with, and this dbag was a big deal. She asked me to go with her and I reluctantly agreed because I owed her one. We get there and of course, I was one of two black people in this room full of thick-necked fraternity guys. I was not interested in entertaining anyone, but I didn’t want to be a snooze and ruin her good time, so I made myself at home by the punch. The cordial me granted them a few giggles here and there, even entertaining a game of beer pong at one point.

As the night progressed…

I became less invisible. So much so, that I ended up full-fledged slapping a jock for grabbing my ass!! I mean is friends immediately started apologizing, but my blood was already boiling. I wanted his head! My friend came and calmed me down, begged me to give her another hour tops, then we could leave. I obliged. I’m now near the door, and I see meat necks friends heading my direction. I immediately tense up.

They say he wants to apologize and he would like to speak to me alone. I reply in my blackest voice “hellllll naaawww” but they persist, and I agree to go speak with him. I walk in the room, and he is visibly humble. As I stood by the door, he start apologizing and saying he doesn’t know what got in to him and yada yada ya. I’m standing there like okay.

He knows I haven’t accepted his apology, so he starts asking what can he do to prove he’s remorseful. Now I’m an adult, but I’m not that grown up. Of course, I made him kiss my feet. My combat boot covered, thick boot socked, all party feet. I looked down at him and he had ALL my toes in his mouth. He LIKED IT. I am still pretended to be dismayed……because I’m childish, so he asked what else he could do. Now I’ve never been shy, and this was an opportunity I wasn’t missing, so I went right for the gold. I said “let me fuck you, if you’re really sorry.”

After I said it I thought, I hope he doesn’t think I mean let’s have sex, but it was too late, and he hadn’t said anything yet aaaaaand I might get punched. Then I thought, [redacted], How are you going to fuck anybody? You don’t have a dick! The damage is done at this point. It cannot be unsaid.

Is this Happening?

He went to the drawer, and pulled out a bag of things. He asked for some time to prepare, and I’m left standing there like “wow….he’s really with the shit.” About 20 mins later he comes out, butt ass naked with the skinniest dick I’ve ever seen hanging from his pale body. Now I’ve gotten myself into some shit before with my big mouth, but this was shaping up to be the most interesting event my mouth has signed us up for.

He threw this leather contraption at my feet. It jingled and clanged as it bounced around. He rolls a satchel out toward me like he was trying to bowl a strike. It unrolls near me, and it’s filled with dicks! All different types of dicks. Keep in mind, he hasn’t said a word since he’s come out the bathroom. I’m thinking he should choose, since I don’t know what he can take…..but then I remember that all of these dicks are HIS. So of course, I chose the black one.

Now I have NEVER fucked a guy before. Ever. I don’t even know why that came out of my mouth, but I am here now, fumbling a strap on over my leggings (I WAS NOT getting undressed). He gets down on all fours, and squirts half a tube of lube on his ass crack. I giggle a little bit as he starts working it in. I bet this is what I look like getting it ready lol. He slips a couple of fingers in, then he waves me over. I know from my own experiences to start slow. I put the tip near his hole and, it was so weird. It opened right up!

It IS Happening!

When I pushed inside him, I heard a grunt, and I could see his skin on his back flush bright red. It is happening. I am fucking a man! I’m picking up the pace, and I notice he is jacking his dick. I pulled out all of my finest porno moves! I got my hand on my hip, and talking shit. He is trying to muffle his moans, because you know, we are still at a party, but he is about to pop. I bring my hand all the way over my head and slapped his back with a smack that could only be matched by my Grandmother Ola. It cracked, and he yelped and then boom.

He came inside his hand, and collapsed on the floor. I get up, take the strap off and throw it on his limp body, grab my phone, and slowly walk out of the room. I wanted to make sure I looked as bored and annoyed as possible, so people wouldn’t think he got some ass. Soon after, I text my friend that I was leaving. She was ready to go as well, and I never mentioned what happened. I saw him a few times after but, he never made eye contact with me. I wonder if I did a bad job?


The lesson I learned that day: ask for whatever you want in life, but be prepared to get it too!


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November 13, 2018 at 10:40 am

A really great read wow. This really made me think about some things a lot different.

November 13, 2018 at 5:37 am

I must say, this is one hell of a story to start your Sexkapade series! I will definitely be following along and may even share a few of my stories ?.

November 13, 2018 at 5:07 am

Great story! Nothing sexier than being able to think back to that one time you did a thing you thought you’d never do and it’s your personal dirty little secret until you choose to share it!

    November 13, 2018 at 5:17 am

    Thank you for reading! It is something sexy about telling your filthiest stories…. while maintaining your innocence.

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