About Me

  Hello, I am Catasha, your resident Sexologist, and I want to welcome you to my “Safe Zone.”

As a Sexologist, I am here to promote the importance of Sexual Wellness in your overall health. From something as small as re-imagining your sex life, to suspended bondage, I can guide you through it all. My goal is to create a space where people can discuss all manners of sex freely and without judgement. My education courses are for people of all genders, sexualities, love-styles and more. All are welcome here. This is your Safe Zone.

Professionally, I’ve been a Sexual Wellness Coach since 2014, but I have been a sex educator for far longer than that. I posses the natural ability to see the mechanics of sex. As a young girl I would sneak into my moms erotic book collection while she was at work. The words seemed to jump off the page, even before I knew what they meant! The rest is history!

How can a Sexologist help?

Having a personal coach is always an advantage when learning. A sexologist is just that, your own personal sex educator! I have always had a knack for getting people to open up to me. Being non-judgmental made me privy to a lot of various sexual lifestyles, therefore, there isn’t much I have not done. Hundreds of people trust me with the intimate details of their sexual lives, and I am grateful to them for the opportunity to learn and add to my knowledge base. I want to share that knowledge with you so you can start your journey to a healthy sexual existence! I am a supporting member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSFreedom.org) and is an active member of The Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians (TheABSC.com).

Let’s sit down and talk about how we can grow you sexually. Sexual health is as important as your mental and physical health! If you are ready, then we can work together to help you become the best sexual version of yourself! I believe in you!

Coach Catasha (she/her)
Sex Educator
***Catasha is not a sexual psychotherapist. She is a Holistic Sex Educator. All information posted and discussed is for entertainment purposes only. If you require a medical therapist, please visit AASECT.org for a referral in your state. Expression Over Repression absolves itself of any responsibility for personal harm while using the techniques listed in its sex education courses. Please listen to your body and practice safely***

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