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Summer Body

Summer Body Season

Summer is quickly approaching, and this is your reminder that whatever body you have is good enough. Every year people talk themselves out of enjoying their lives based on preconceived judgments and shame. As someone who has spent years working out, you can still love yourself while working on yourself. You do not know how many days you have left on this plane. Stop wasting them expecting life to find you. Go find LIFE!


Many people have lost a lot over the last few years. Parents, children, siblings, marriages, jobs…the list goes on. That loss takes a toll on the body. Think of how many funerals you’ve attended in the last three years. How many prayers have you sent for those in the hospital? That grief and pain can wear on your body. Make the space to take care of yourself. I’ve attended many funerals recently where the obituary is nothing but the person’s work or kids. Don’t let loss rob you of your own life. You are right behind them, and you better have a story to tell. 


Free yourself of the judgment that you believe will be reigned down on you. Mostly…no one cares. Everyone is battling their own insecurities, and they don’t have much energy to send your way. Now that doesn’t mean they have none, lol, just not enough to disrupt your day. Everyone is on a journey, but some people don’t like themselves enough to live. They would rather be preoccupied with other folks’ business, and that’s okay. Ensure you give them something to keep busy with by being unapologetically yourself!


This may be uncomfortable. It may feel weird or forced at first. That’s because it is. Pleasure is a form of activism. Any happiness you receive in this society must be sought after and cultivated to be personal and fruitful. Give yourself some grace as you work through this. If a red lip feels too bold right now, try a pink or a cute nude. Don’t give up on yourself, and push through for your pleasures. Go outside and wear that crop top! Put body glitter on that big ass back and go light up the world. 

See you there, friend! 🫶🏿

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