ACC: I Caught My Husband Masturbating

This week’s Ask Coach Catasha (ACC) is about a woman who caught her husband masturbating. I wanted to address the term “caught” because masturbation is not some crime you can commit lol. Sometimes, we can […]

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Sex and Yoga

Hip Openers There are many correlations between yoga’s benefits and sex. Yoga increases flexibility and improves focus, which can also improve the quality of your orgasm. Today, we are focusing on hip openers to help […]

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Hysterectomy Health Webinar

Hysterectomy and Sexual Function Hysterectomy and Sexual Function is a health webinar that addresses how this intimate procedure impacts sexuality. This webinar aims to provide the proper information surrounding hysterectomy and recovery. We hope to […]

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ACC: Tied Up

This week’s Ask Coach Catasha (ACC) addresses the topic of bondage. Restraining someone can effortlessly enhance a sexual encounter without requiring significant additional effort. Utilizing common household items for restraint makes it a convenient kink […]

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Roleplay: Inmate and C.O.

We have a new roleplay on deck, and this one involves an inmate and corrections officer or C.O. Roleplay is a great way to initiate some fun contact into your sex life. Games and fun […]

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Bartholin Gland Cyst

A Bartholin gland cyst can make everyday activities like walking and sitting uncomfortable or even painful. The Bartholin Glands, also known as the greater vestibular glands, are located right outside of the vaginal opening. Cysts […]

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STI Index Human Papillomavirus

This week’s course is a new addition to our STI index, where we dissect the human papillomavirus or HPV. Our STI classes cover symptoms and treatment options and provide tips to lower the risk of […]

STI Index: Chlamydia

Chlamydia is the newest subject in our STI index, where we cover common sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Chlamydia is one of the most common STIs, being the most frequently reported bacterial sexually transmitted infection in […]