The Perfect Sex Toy

The perfect sex toy doesn’t exist? I vehemently disagree. If you can’t seem to find the right toy for your needs, this class will give you the best guide to discovering your magic. No matter […]

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The Importance of Self Care.

Self Care. The concept of self care isn’t built into Black American DNA, so today I want to stress it’s importance. Self care is a luxury for those who still fight to be alive in […]

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Headhunters Guide Walkthrough

This class is a walkthrough on my first book, Headhunters Guide: 5 Tricks You Can Add To Your Bag Today. If you missed the workshop, here’s your chance to catch up. This video covers the […]

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HIV Kit Follow Up

This class is a follow up to the HIV kit class I did last month. Due to the rising number of HIV cases in the state of Oklahoma, The Oklahoma Dept Of Health launched a […]

Life Hacks: Beauty Cleanser

This weeks course covers one of my favorite life hacks involving my favorite beauty cleanser. I’ve used this method for more than 10 years! Being a brokie has helped me become the most innovative poor […]

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Journal Workshop

Welcome Spring!🐛 Suns out, so let’s get ready for those buns to be out! This weeks journal workshop is going to cover the 28 Day Sexy Self-Care Journal released in February 2022. Inside you will […]

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