Contraceptives: Dental Dam

Dental Dam Tutorial Let’s run through a quick Dental Dam tutorial to jumpstart our Contraceptives series. Dental dams are one of the safest and easiest ways to protect yourself against the transmission of STI/STDs. Don’t […]

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Intro. to Dominating

Welcome to this years Valentines course: Intro. to Dominating 😈 Contrary to popular belief, it is hard to punish someone you aren’t genuinely angry with. It’s even more difficult when that person is smiling and begging for […]

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Life Hacks: Free Condoms

Life Hacks This course is an addition to our Life Hacks series. I found a way to get free condoms and other prophylactic’s delivered right to your door. Are you sexually active, but not ready […]

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Do You NEED Sex?

Fundamentally, I mean. Does the human body require it? Do You NEED sex? Do we need it, probably not, but not many of us would live without it. Sex is a natural part of development. […]

Better Oral Webinar

Expression Over Repression will be hosting a webinar on Oral Sex. This webinar will provide you with the tools and tricks to delivering a toe-popping, spine tingling, award-winning performance, whenever you get between his/her legs. […]

Ménage á trois

It goes by so many different names. Threesome, train, group sex, and of course, Ménage á trois. This course will cover how to successfully add a third party to your sexual repertoire. There are many […]

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The Magic Of Female Ejaculation.

It’s a mystery that female ejaculation. A unicorn in an active volcano during the winter solstice. It’s the elusive female ejaculate, aka “squirting.” So many women have set out on the journey of discovering this […]

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