Book Signing

Launch Celebration  Hey Friends, the book signing is back on! This Friday, April 28th, come out and celebrate my 6th book. Isn’t that insane?! 😅Headhunters Guide: Ode to the Munch survived the storm and is […]

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Headhunters Guide Walkthrough

This class is a walkthrough on my first book, Headhunters Guide: 5 Tricks You Can Add To Your Bag Today. If you missed the workshop, here’s your chance to catch up. This video covers the […]

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Headhunters Guide: The Workshop

Welcome to Headhunters Guide: The Workshop! Coach Catasha has recently published her first book Headhunters Guide. 5 Tricks You Can Add To Your Bag Today. This book is a mini manual on the art of […]

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