Ask Coach Catasha: Live March

Last March we hosted our first live Ask Coach Catasha via Facebook. Viewers were encouraged to submit questions in advance to be answered live on air. This class gives viewers the free opportunity to experience […]

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Sex Quiz

Take the Expression Sex Quiz! Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of having a Sex Coach at your disposal? How would sexual counseling actually impact your life? Well, take this quiz and find […]

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Do You NEED Sex?

Fundamentally, I mean. Does the human body require it? Do You NEED sex? Do we need it, probably not, but not many of us would live without it. Sex is a natural part of development. […]

Defining Your Sexuality

How To Get My Groove Back. Vol 1 In this months #SexEd course, we will dive into defining your sexuality. Sexuality: your sexual feelings, thoughts, attractions and behaviours towards other people. There are so many […]

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