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The Importance of Self Care

Self Care

The concept of self care isn’t built into Black American DNA, so today I want to stress it’s importance. Self care is a luxury for those who still fight to be alive in this country. We have lost many friends and family the last few years. Survive for what? To die in childbirth? To be murdered? The strings of hope are wearing thin as inflation and homelessness rise. Suicide rates are creeping up, and I need all hands on deck for self preservation.

Many self care options are modified or completely unavailable due to Covid-19. Events could mean life or death for many Americans on limited healthcare resources. That’s countless methods of self care removed for many individuals, especially the immunocompromised. What are they to do? We must rethink the concept of self care, and how we are using it.

How Do I Self Care?

Media has tons of suggestions about how to self care, but how would they know?🤔 Self care is about finding things that make YOU feel good. Make a list thats broad and weird. From the smallest little rushes of joy, to the most lavish investments in self; really think outside the box. Stretching, singing disco tunes in the shower, Starbucks, video chatting a kid, all of these are random little bursts of joy that you can tap into at anytime. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, go do a thing that makes you feel good.

The self care methods you commonly see are concepts born of commerce. You need good shoes for a hike, a beach for relaxation, alcohol for a good time. That’s cool, but is it necessary? Your self care methods should center your self. When I’m in my feels, I turn on NSYNC’s Celebrity album and sing the entire damn album with all the harmonies. That may not be your jam, but there is a song in everyone’s heart. It might be You Don’t Know Naan, but it’s there lol!

I Do Self Care. It Doesn’t Work.

There’s a secret to self care that no one has bothered to share. This is the single most detrimental antagonist to my entire campaign. People have been conditioned to believe that they can want too much self care! If you still need care, then something is wrong, right?

You can do as much self care as you need!

There is no cap on self care. Take moments that you would have devoted to something else and instead, give them to yourself. There is no set amount of care you are allowed to have. Schedule something everyday if you need it! If you went out for drinks yesterday, and you want to go catch the sunrise today, do that! Take a bubble bath while listening to Brother Lynch tomorrow! It’s okay to seek out the ways to make yourself happy. Overdose yourself on those good things. We need them now more than ever!

Relationship Struggling?

Maybe you feel down or depressed without access to your regular self care options. Are you lonely or disconnected from your partner? Do you feel connected to yourself? You should know how to pick yourself up, partner or no partner. It is easy to be mad at someone else, when you are the other person neglecting you. Building healthy self care habits gives you something to lean on when you need a boost. Learning healthy ways to relieve stress prior to blowing up creates time to think from a healthy place.

Self Care is Gay.

You know who you are. Won’t put on lotion cuz thats gay. Can’t eat a hotlink cuz thats gay. I am still not sure how men caring for themselves got hijacked by “the gay agenda” but it feels like ya’ll gave it away. Here is a list of things that make you homosexual.

adjective: homosexual
  1. (of a person) exclusively sexually attracted to people of one’s own sex.

Unless you are exclusively sexually attracted to the same sex, you’re safe. Get your chest waxed Jeffrey. Mani/Pedis are absolute heaven and help keep infection out of the body. Caring for yourself is a human right, and is not linked to your sexuality. You should feel empowered to self care without judgement. Don’t let the gays hog all the good things. Your mental health and body image are linked. Moisturize your skin, use chapstick, and get massages. Do whatever makes you feel good. Stop using “that’s gay” as an excuse to neglect yourself. I’m on to you  ✌🏿👉🏿👀.

Self Care is Mental Health.

A Physician will prescribe pills to stabilize human emotion during crisis. This is a crucial lifesaver for those in that sunken place. Those pills release the chemicals your body needs to get you back to a manageable baseline. The end goal is to train your body to release its own chemicals. To do that you must experiment with your own version of joy. Your homework this week is to experiment with joy. Step outside the box and collect as many self care options as you can. Add these self care tips to a notepad, or write them in your journal. When you feel down, turn to your notes and do one of the things on your list. Do it as often as needed.

If you are feeling hopeless, Click here 👉🏿

Do whatever it takes to stay here until you can figure out how to feel better. There is hope. We are Black. We are hope.


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