What’s Your Sexual Orientation?

Sexuality is a Scale.

We are discussing sexual orientation and identity, not gender; before the Crips stop reading lol.

Gender = how YOU identify with your innermost self

Sexual Orientation = how you are attracted to OTHERS

Sexual Orientation plays a huge part in our relationships with ourselves and others. Sexual incompatibility is a difficult relationship kinks to work through. According to Psychology Today, Infidelity is one of the top four reasons relationships fail. Knowing your own sexual orientation can lead you on the right path to finding a partner, even if you like to cheat. ?

Sexuality is on a sliding scale with exclusively heterosexual on one end, and exclusively homosexual on the other. In between those two points are small stops that most humans move between throughout life.

Here are a few sexual orientations, and how they may have presented themselves while on your own side quest in the game of life.


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Have you ever met a woman who isn’t interested in sleeping with someone unless she feels spiritually connected with them?

Demisexual = typically only feels sexual attraction toward a person with whom they have already established a strong emotional bond

Ever wondered why you, yes you, are attracted to the artist formerly known as Prince?

Skoliosexual = those who are sexually attracted to people with non-cisgender gender identities, such as people who are nonbinarygenderqueer, or trans

Are you a heterosexual man who is only attracted to cis-gendered women?

Monosexual an umbrella term encompassing all sexual orientations that feel a romantic or sexual attraction toward only one gender

Lola from “She’s Gotta Have It?”

Omnisexual = similar to pansexual and can be used to describe individuals whose sexuality isn’t limited to people of a particular gender, sex, or sexual orientation

Remember Tweet’s hit single “Oops?”

AutoSexual =  experiences sexual attraction toward themselves. Sexual attraction ≠ Masturbation. People who are autosexual may also experience sexual attraction to other people.


Sexuality is fluid.

I know these terms can be scary. Simply put, a bunch of people felt the same kind of way about love, so science gave it a name. Sexuality can change based on needs, life experiences or social conditions. You can move from someone who previously required a connection to engage in sex (demisexual), to someone not looking for any connections, just sex (aromantic).  You may have a strong romantic love for someone and no pathway to sexual desire is ever formed (asexual). If you have any best friends of the opposite sex, you lightweight understand this concept already.

All I am saying is, if all these feelings have names, maybe the way you feel does too. ♥


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