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Where Is The Vulva?

Have you ever asked yourself, exactly where is the vulva on the body? You are going to want to put them paws on me after today! πŸ˜…

We often interchange words when it comes to medical terms and anatomy. We label our sexual organs palatable names in hopes of avoiding discomfort. The communal acceptance of this habit has posed more problems than its helped. Knowing the proper name for your body parts could be crucial to receiving the timely care necessary to survive. You must be able to communicate effectively in emergency and non-emergency situations. Don’t give them any more money than you have to lol!I It is also critical in detecting sexual abuse in children. When they know the proper names for their parts, there is no confusion on what the babysitter is touching. A little knowledge helps us all stay a little bit safer.

Happy New Year!🍾


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