Your Sex Language.

What’s your Sex Language?


Have you ever wondered why some women get approached more than others, or why you attract the type of guys that you do? It’s a very simple answer actually, it is your Sexual Language. Your sex language is what your body and mannerisms tell a suitor about you, and just how approachable you are. Your sexual confidence plays a major role in the type of men you attract.

As we have heard all of our lives,  men are visual creatures. Men assess situations based on clues and then plan their approach accordingly. Simple things like eye contact, or the manner in which you enter a room, speaks volumes before you even open your mouth.  Your sex language also has no correlation to height, color or weight. It’s rooted in one important energy, confidence.  People often ask me “How did you become so confident?”

Being a larger, more non-traditional woman sometimes throws people off with how comfortable I am with myself. It’s not some secret code that gives me unlimited lives. Its also not a backpage website that sells confidence for four easy payments of $49.95. It was a flower that I pruned, tended and nurtured until it blossomed. That blooming flower allows me to stand in front of my partner in nipple tassels and a sombrero with my head held high!


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How do I Find It?

Everyone expects you to have it but, no one tells you how to acquire it. It is difficult to be confident when media only glorifies the perfection in others.  When you don’t readily see images of women who look like you celebrated, it wears on you subconsciously. This creates insecurities that you aren’t even aware of absorbing. This energy transfers to our sexual body language.

Well ladies, enough is enough! I am going to give you some credible tips and tricks on how to boost your confidence and broaden your sexual language! Let’s start attracting the energy we desire and exuding the confidence we deserve. This sexual empowerment course is going to thoroughly cover “How to Nurture Your Sexual Confidence.” It is going to be a women’s’ only course and will feature new pricing.

I recommend this class for anyone who has difficulties with being comfortable in their own sexual skin and is looking to change that. If you know a woman struggling with her energy, please pass this along to her. I know that we can help.  I want all of us to glow up together.


Date: June 23rd, 2017

Time: 7pm cst.

Cost: $20

Length: 1- 1/12 hrs

Place: You will receive a link to the webinar 24hrs before the scheduled class begins. Please check your inbox and junk mail to ensure you have the link.

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As always, please have a notepad and attend with an open mind. We are going to get deep and this will be a very interactive course. The conversations are sexual in nature therefore, prepare accordingly.

Get those nipple tassels warmed up. It’s going to get wild. 😉 #KinksUnite





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